Holistic Yoga Retreat

While living our day to day lives we forget to take out time for ourselves, even then we still struggle to relax.

The Holistic Yoga Retreat is based on our unique blend of east and west coming together to create a transformational, nourishing and fulfilling environment for you to reconnect and thrive in. A journey to yourself!

At Holistic Manchester we believe yoga is for everyone. If you are new to yoga the retreat will give you a strong foundation, or if you are looking to deepen your practice you will benefit from focused attention to develop your strengths and weaknesses.

During the retreat we will meet as a group, and the opportunity to have individual sessions to enable detailed focus on yourself and your personal journey, hopefully finding yourself ready to greet 2019 with a renewed energy and outlook.

You can choose to experience morning Sun Salutations in the mountains, conversations by the lake, body-nourishing positive prana food and soulful meditation sessions within sacred spaces. There will also be opportunities for you to meet local Indian tribes, maybe even teach at a local charity school. Everything works towards rejuvenating our mind and body with a wholesome approach to living.

Udaipur is known for its beautiful lakes and has an air of royalty and romance, making this the most exquisite setting for us to explore India at its vibrant best.

A bright happy place for a bright happy you!

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